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Strategic and Succession Planning for Family Businesses

Your business has grown rapidly. You are at full stretch trying to service the needs of your customers. Your product range / services have increased and diversified in line with your customers demands. Should you expand the business or concentrate on fewer higher margin products / services? Your business is ripe for strategic planning.

You have reached a crossroads and the direction you choose will ultimately reshape your business.

Is your vision a viable proposition? What is your businesses key competencies and do you have the appropriate skills set to achieve your business goals? What steps should you take and in which priority? What is the market position and how strong is the competition? What of the next generation? - after all this is a family business. Should you have rules for family members entering the business? How do you pass on the family business without the penalty of a serious taxation charge? Ultimately you would like to retire in comfort and pass on the family business intact.

Successful strategies have their roots in structured planning and continuous appraisal.

We will assist you in deciding your key objectives as well as performing a detailed selfappraisal, both from the inside looking out and from the outside looking in. We will prepare financial projections and enhance your management reporting systems to assist you in the decision making process.

We have developed a methodology to assist you in making the right decisions and allow you to follow a structured strategic direction.


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